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DNA Mix Pack fem

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  • DN00112
DNA Mix Pack fem is a mixed pack of seeds. mehr
DNA Mix Pack fem is a mixed pack of seeds.
Package size: 3 Seeds, 6 Seeds
Features of "DNA Mix Pack fem"
Package size: 3 Seeds, 6 Seeds

DNA Genetics is located in Amsterdam and has won over 150 awards (High Times ‘Top 10 Strain of the Year’ award more than five times ) for their cannabis creations. The Dutch company is the only seed company to have received every award presented at the High Times Cannabis Cup events and was inducted into the High Times Seedbank Hall of Fame in 2009. DNA Genetics was founded by two Californian guys who love cannabis in the late 80's. In 2002 they decided to go to a more cannabis friendly place and settled in Amsterdam. They brought their own strains, along with a lot of other California greats such as Affie and Kush.

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