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Flash Babylon Auto

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Supplier: Samsara Seeds

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  • SSS001022
Flash Babylon Auto is one of the most productive automatic cannabis plants that SamSara Seeds has... more
Flash Babylon Auto is one of the most productive automatic cannabis plants that SamSara Seeds has to offer. It grows to a very strong hemp plant, is very compact and is fully coated with resin. The aroma is yeasty and Cheese and it should be planted in a large pot if you grow it indoors. After about 65 days, it is "ready for take off." Low Ryder x Northern Lights
Feminized or regular: feminized
Autoflowering oder Photo: autoflowering
Type Indica/Sativa: dominant Indica
THC content: THC medium
Flowering indoor: 6-7 weeks
Package size: 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds
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