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Seedhuntress is not breeding seeds, but passes on selected hemp genetics from her travels to our customers: mostly limited editions, that can not continued on a regular basis. The selected seeds are from amazing breeders, but nvertheless we sell them mostly for a very reasonable price as we don´t have years of experience with the delivered quality of these breeders and their quality control.

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Thai Sativa * Limited Edition * 6 x regular
Thai Sativa * Limited Edition * 6 x regular
A gift from Thailand: a classical Thai Sativa for connaisseurs & friends of original Thai genetics. We have received regular seeds, which we are happy to pass on to our friends, but we only have a limited amount of seeds for 2019. The...
€24.00 *

This product is currently not available!

Wet Dream Mix
Wet Dream Mix
Seedhuntress composed an exclusive strain mix with 4 classic and tested aphrodiasic cannabis genetics. For the maximum increase of desire women should take less than men. Blue domina fem is a hybrid of Black Domina x Blueberry, brings...
ab €20.00 *


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