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Produkte von Brothers Grimm Seeds

The Brothers Grimm were known for writing lovely fairy tales and for having a pleasant pastime. Also the crew from Brothers Grimm Seeds is known for their potent and stable genetics and for a special experience as well. The seedbank was established in 1996 and in a short period of time they made for themselves a pretty respected name with there unique combination of handpicked strains. In 2002 however, the business had to be shut down for quite a while, but finally since 2015 the crew is back. Mr. Soul and friends came back with some new strains und a few make overs (especially Rosetta Stone). The most famous strain of this seed bank is Cinderella 99 and for the first time Brothers Grimm Seeds offers only female seeds too (look for Cinderella XX).

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Rosetta Stone XX
Rosetta Stone XX
The Rosetta Stone is back. Back this time with more resin and a more productive yield. The plant is really easy to handle and produces a very satisfying harvrest even for newbies. This genetic can be compared with the famous Jack Herer...
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Supplier: Brothers Grimm Seeds

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