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Produkte von Atomik Seeds

Atomik Seeds

Was it worth waiting for? We say YES. For about than 10 years, the guys from the Spanish Seedbank Atomik Seeds flew under the radar. But in 2019 they are going to relaunch their unique genetics with a lot of energy. Quality and potency as well as a stress-free cultivation (indoor and outdoor) are here not only loose slogans, but part of an inspiring passion. Whether you're a newbie or a proud grower, you'll love to include the genetics of Atomik Seeds in your repertoire.

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Blueberry AK
Blueberry AK
50 years ago Blueberry was introduced to the market and is still a top ranked strain today. The indica dominant Blueberry AK from Atomik Seeds has set itself the goal to conquer the same success story than the parental genetic. The...
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